A classy and refined wedding project, these autumn wedding invitations are perfect for lovers of deep and intense colors. The wedding has been designed and set in the historic Sicilian  Villa Paradiso. The venue is surrounded by an elegant garden and overlooking the sea.

For these autumn wedding invitations our calligraphy is rich and elegant. It highlights the couple’s names and the date, intentionally ornamental and luxurious. In advance, we chose emerald green as the main color, according to a moodboard highlighting colors such as green, white and golden.

The couple’s acronym has been fuzed into their wedding logo, a unique symbol included in every element of the invitation suite. Moreover, it is possible to ask for different colors and to create a specific and unique Logo for every couple.

All the designs are highly adjustable to your style and preference. Contact us to request any changes and adjustments, as well as printing methods and finishes.

Cristina and Marco, Wedding Calligraphy Studio in Italy.