An intimate wedding is the new way of having a wedding day in 2021 and forward, especially for couples who are tired of postponing their wedding date. Postponing a wedding is an especially emotional and even heartbreaking process, and due to our profession, we saw it happening too many times already. Many brides discuss how devastating changing their wedding date felt like. It’s true. Although the hope for the new date is still here, you can’t help but feel a little sad that what you’ve been long waiting for didn’t happen. 

Postponing a wedding is especially hard on couples who don’t want to wait longer for their lives to start. Also, if you’re planning to start a family as soon as possible, postponing a wedding feels heavy. We’ve seen it so many times already with our couples, saying that 2021 is the year of their wedding and nothing will change that.

An Intimate Affair

Intimate weddings are the new norm, without losing any of the charms of bigger weddings. Considering a smaller affair is perfect for couples that want to get married in 2021, without postponing their wedding again. You could always invite fewer people to your wedding ceremony, just the immediate family, witnesses, and close friends. Then, when possible, you could organize multiple, smaller parties to celebrate your wedding: one for the closest relatives and one for your friends and so on!

This gives enormous freedom to create experiences for your guests. If your relatives will be with you during the ceremony, you can celebrate with them with an intimate wedding lunch and have a party in the evening with your friends. This way, all the people you love are near you, just at different times, everyone happy and not feeling left out.

Meaningful and Personalized Wedding Calligraphy

What we would propose to couples is that they could have their wedding ceremony first and then send the invitations for their wedding party when the time comes! Also, another option couples could consider is send both invitations, but forewarn their guests that there might be changes.

Also, you could always send a mini invitation suite or save-the-date to your immediate family that will attend your wedding day, if there is a restriction, and host a large wedding celebration on your first wedding anniversary next year, with proper invitations and all the jazz!

Live Calligraphy For Even the Smallest Crowds

Here at Beautiful Letters, we offer you the possibility to have live calligraphy during your event and give another dimensional wedding experience to your guests! We can write your thank you cards in calligraphy so that you don’t miss out on thanking each one of your guests – you simply will do it little by little, in your “divided parties”. Fewer people make this even more special, as the guests will have the time and space to fully experience their thank you card being calligraphed with care and sophistication!

Advantages of Choosing an Intimate Wedding

The biggest advantage of an intimate wedding is that you will no longer postpone your wedding and prolong the feelings of uncertainty. If you decide to opt for a smaller wedding it doesn’t mean you can’t have a big celebration with all the guests at a later time. It will be amazing! Otherwise, you can have two or three groups of people and have a more intimate wedding with them. It’s all about celebrating with people that matter the most to you. Who said you only have to have one party? A couple of smaller ones will be phenomenal too!

Are you ready to say “I do!” this year? Take a look at what other couples said about our services! An intimate wedding is a wonderful idea to celebrate love and we would love to be a part of it!