This collection of winter wedding invitations has been chosen by winter-loving couples whose wedding was an ode to the delicate snow falling and the elegance of the ice. From the color palette to flowers and décor, there are elements of the winter season to inspire you. So, if your style is romantic,  you’ll love the shades of winter white and pale blue! Moreover, we created this invitation suite for a winter wedding in the mountains in a hidden village in the Swiss Alps. It was an intimate celebration of a very refined wedding, surrounded by nature. We created the calligraphy and the design for the invitations, the booklets for the vows, and all the other wedding details, working on the mood board and focusing on the color palette.

For these winter wedding invitations, we created the couple’s logo, inspired by a beautiful Roman bridge near the wedding location. Therefore, we used a pastel blue – light grey shade, matching the stream color. Chiffon ribbons and sealing wax were a must for this sophisticated invitation suite!

Love this? Contact us and show us your moodboard and any other specific elements you want to include in your wedding to make it unique and special!
All the designs are highly adjustable to your style and preference.

Cristina and Marco, Wedding Calligraphy Studio in Italy.