Only the nib speaks
with elegance

Beautiful Letters Calligraphy is an Italian design studio, specialized in wedding calligraphy and design of materials and services dedicated to events. Therefore, calligraphy for Beautiful Letters is a way of communication, a relationship between the protagonists of an event and their guests.

Our Beautiful Letters

Each letter that the nib creates is written in a state of serenity, silence, and peace. The words are intended for the recipient of the message that receives them with excitement. Moreover, we work on every project by hand using the best quality of paper, colors that respect the environment, curating all the elements composing the stationery suite with the utmost care.

However, the paper is not the only surface we write on. We work on marble, wood, glass and we continually explore new things! Moreover, where the nib does not flow, we use brushes and other tools depending on each different surface.

The calligraphic styles we can use in wedding contexts are the following: Spencerian, American Cursive, Copperplate style, Italic, Engrosser’s Script.

Live Calligraphy and Projects

During special events, we write live in front of your guests, with our special Live Calligraphy Performance [Vimeo]. Moreover, Live Calligraphy is a way to amaze your guests with the magic of calligraphy and let them have something precious and personalized for the yeas to come!

Of course, wedding calligraphy is our passion but not the only thing we work on! Moreover, we create brand logos, cohesive branding projects to establish your brand and corporate material, too. For every request, you can contact us here.

“Let everything flow,
from the hands to the paper,
so that every little drop of ink
sends messages
of harmony and beauty”.

Cristina and Marco, Wedding Calligraphy Studio in Italy.