Luxury Wedding Invitations

We suggest this luxury wedding invitations concept to couples who want a luxurious feeling to their wedding stationery suite with golden details and refined paper. What makes this design precious is the contract between the gold detailing and the cream-colored highly sophisticated and refined paper.
Moreover, it is possible to complete your luxury wedding invitations concept with ribbons, opalescent papers, sealing wax and luxurious details of your choice. In addition, it is possible to customize each envelope by handwriting each guest’s name with the nib.
On-demand, you can insert the couple’s beautiful logo into the concept and replicate it on every element of the stationery suite. All the
designs are highly adjustable to your style and preference.

Consult us here, by indicating the name of your favourite wedding suite.

Cristina and Marco, Wedding Calligraphy Studio in Italy.


ph ↑: Adelaide Mossina Photography

Gold Wedding Invitations in Tuscany


Golden calligraphy on paper which is wonderful to the touch, cream coloured, slightly rough, with a high tactile impact.

The invitation can also have some opalescent paper enclosing it, closed by a ribbon matching the style of the wedding.


Gold Wedding Invitations in Tuscany

Menu, Placeholders for Mise en Place

Project including invitations and menus with placeholders for a classy and sophisticated mise en place.

Ribbons, sealing wax and further decorations will be chosen based on the moodboard of the wedding.